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10km Husky Safari

along the Russian border

If you are looking for somewhere well off the beaten track with few tourists where you will experience very good personal service - then this is your winter retreat!

09:30 Pick up from Ruka / Kuusamo and transfer to The Border Inn

On arrival you will be given driving instructions on how to drive a dog sled. It might be the first sled ride for you, but our well trained dogs know exactly what to do!

As we gather the lines for the sleds and harnesses for the dogs, everybody can feel the excitement in the air. Ready to go running! We open the pen doors and our dogs come over to be harnessed. We will harness the dogs together and hook your dog team. 

Every person will be driving their own 4 - 6 dog team. 


After an exhilarating start in the forest, we head over the frozen lake to the Finnish - Russian border. The dogs will settle into a fast trot and you can enjoy the changing scenery of the frozen landscape. 

The border zone is a hunting free area where all the wild animals can retreat to safety. Footprints of elk, wolf, reindeer, lynx and an assortment of wild birds can even be sighted as we drive along the border.

Back at the lodge you can spend some time with our dogs and help to unharness your team. 

We then head into the warmth for hot drinks, lunch and a talk about sled dogs.

14:30 Transfer back to  Ruka / Kuusamo


120 € per adult (12 +)

80 € per child (3-11)

Minimum group size:2 persons

Prices include transfers to and from Ruka / Kuusamo, 10km Husky Safari (approx. 1h), full guiding services and lunch.

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