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team of 6 alaskan huskies running across a frozen lake in northern Finland


What do we offer?

At Ruka Husky we offer a full day program, 10 km & 25 km Husky Safaris and overnight tours.

Our full day program and the 10km Husky Safari incl. snack is run on a daily basis, the other tours on certain days of the week.

All Husky Safaris include guiding services, 4-6 dogs per sled and driving instructions. Information and talk about sled dogs and hot juice + cookies is also included.

After the Husky Safari our clients are welcome to say hello to our dogs and take pictures. Our safari guides are happy to introduce you to your team and answer questions about dog care, training and racing.

We offer transfers to and from Ruka / Kuusamo for our clients, which are included in the price.

Ruka Husky does not provide winter suits / boots.


Which tour is the right one for you?

Everyone can enjoy a dog sledding ride!

If you are in good health and have general fitness, all our safaris are suitable for you.

The 10 km tour (1 h ride) is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

Our 25km Husky Safari & the overnight tour is recommended for people with a good general fitness and for families with children over 12 y.

display of traditional salmon dinner in Finland decorated with plants around


Our snack and lunch is provided by

Ollilan Lomamajat - The Genuine Taste of Northern Finnish Countryside!

For more information check out their website:

Clothing and winter equipment needed for a husky trip


It is important to dress properly to ensure a pleasant tour.

What to wear?

Good thermal underwear, fleece trousers / warm jogging trousers, fleece / woollen pullover, mittens, buff, a warm hat, ONE pair of thick woollen socks, loose fitting winter boots and a winter suit

What not to wear?

Jeans, too many tight pairs of socks, hiking boots & finger gloves

winter landscape with rising sun


We do NOT recommend a husky safari for people with the following conditions:

- severe back problems

- major operations in the last 6 months (knee, hip, etc.)

- heart conditions

- pregnancy (husky safaris are not suitable for pregnant women due to the vibrations of uneven tracks)

For clients with disabilities, please let us know in advance, so that we can arrange a transfer by snowmobile to the starting area and back.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

sled dogs crossing sign


Our dogs are animals, not machines - please treat them kindly and with respect!

Please do not stumble over the dog lines, walk around the dog team.

If a dog is resting, please say hello to one of our many other dogs and let the dog rest.

Listen to the instructions given by the guides for your own safety and the dogs safety.

Please leave phones & cameras in your pocket while you are the driver of the sled.

Enjoy the ride in real life!

two husky puppies playing


There is one question we get asked a lot in winter time:

"Do you have any puppies and can we see them?"

We normally have one litter of puppies per year and they are born in spring / summer, just like nature intended. It also means, that we can spend more time socialising with the puppies,  as we are not working with clients in the summer months.

We do not consider it correct to breed puppies specifically as a show attraction.

All the litters we breed are for working purposes and we do not sell puppies. 

retired black and white race husky


All our dogs work very hard for us and therefore deserve a nice retirement at our kennel.

They semi-retire first at the age of 10 - 12 y., before they enjoy their full retirement.

Some of the oldies look after our puppies & some prefer the house life.

Smukk (13 yrs) for example enjoys the freedom of the big compound and found a new job as a "girls in heat detector".

(picture was taken in 2011)

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