Why racing?

Racing for us is an essential part of the winter season. It brings an end goal for the dogs and ourselves as regards to training. New trails in different areas and countries bring new challenges to the team. It is also a good time to meet other mushers and share information about training, feeding, breeding and dog care with them. Without racing there is no progression in the kennel and dog sledding in general becomes stagnated. 

The experiences and knowledge we gain from racing is passed on to our general day to day running of our kennel and the tours we offer.


The races we participate in are between 250km and 1200km long. Depending on the race, we start with 8 - 14 dogs per team and up to 3 teams compete from our kennel.

We encourage our more experienced guides to train their own team and attend races at the end of the season. Our main teams compete throughout the season.

Finnmarkslopet is the main goal for each season, as it is the longest and toughest sled dog race in Europe and top three in the world. Races we have attended include Eastpoint Open, Pasvik Trail, Gold Rush Run, Bergebylopet & Finnmarkslopet.

Femundslopet and Tromsquest are races that are on the list of future events.

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