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Full day at the Finish-Russian border

10:00 Pick up from Ruka / Kuusamo and transfer to The Border Inn

30 km Husky Safari & lunch

On arrival, you will be given a driving instructions on how to drive a dog sled. Every person will be driving their own 4 - 6 dog team. We will harness the dogs together and hook your dog team. After an exhilarating start in the forest, we head over the frozen lake to the Finnish - Russian border. The dogs will settle into a fast trot and you can enjoy the scenery of the frozen landscape. 

Back at the lodge you can spend some time with our dogs and help to unharness your team. 

We then head into the warmth for hot drinks, lunch and a talk about sled dogs. 

Husky puppies enjoying their meal of raw meat

Time to feed the dogs!

You are welcome to join us during our daily evening feeding of our sled dogs.

After going running, feeding time is the second most important time for the dogs. Each pen is fed in the usual order, while the other dogs are waiting patiently. 


After dog feeding, it is nice to warm up, have a beer and relax in a traditional Finnish wood fired sauna and share the experiences of the day. 

Our sauna fits up to 10 people. 

Men and women can take turns and maybe even risk a dip in the snow afterwards. 

dinner table.jpg

During the traditional evening dinner you can enjoy  stories about our dogs, racing & the daily musher life.

21:00 Transfer back to  Ruka / Kuusamo


245 € per adult (min. 12 years old)

Minimum group size: 4 persons

Prices include transfers to and from Ruka / Kuusamo, 30 km Husky Safari, full guiding services, lunch and 2- course dinner.

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